About Ava’s Books

The Ava Goes Series

The Ava Goes series of books are specially written for children with Autism and their families.  They are “social stories” that create new experiences for children and families.

My mission is to support families by giving them information and resources that I found helpful with my own child that has autism. The value that I intend to deliver is a lighthearted story that both children and parents can relate to.

The most important needs of my reader base are support and resources. To have hope that they can engage in positive experiences with their children.

Everyone in the special needs and education community work in their own silos. Parents don’t always have access to ALL resources and information that is available. This series of books bridges that gap for parents.

Ava Goes to the Dentist

This book was created from a social story on taking Ava to the dentist. Ava Goes to the Dentist gives a first hand experience of going to the dentist. From beginning to end, you feel as if you were right there.

Ava Goes to the Beach with Friends

This book gives Ava’s first experience at the beach. She shares this experience with her friends and has actual drawings of her friends included in the book. Join Ava and her Friends as they experience a day at the beach!