About Alicia Coleman-Clark

Alicia Coleman-Clark is an Education and Special Needs Advocate with expertise in mediation/conflict resolution and communication.

She has held the position of Co-Chair of the Contra Costa County SELPA (Special Education Local Planning Area) and Chair of the Antioch Unified School District CAC (Community Advisory Committee). Alicia also holds the seat of District 5 Representative for the Contra Costa County FACT (Family and Children’s Trust) Committee. She is a Peer Mentor and Facilitator with Care Parent Network and is the Red Cross Liaison for the City of Antioch.

Most recently Alicia has worked tirelessly with the Brentwood Union School District as the school district recover from recent teacher abuse. Utilizing her community relations, Alicia was able to bring Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) into the Brentwood Union School District to train all staff and faculty in mandated reporting. Alicia was also instrumental in the formalization of the Brentwood Union School District CAC (Community Advisory Committee). She also had the opportunity of being deployed to New York with the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy.

Alicia holds an International Certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution as well as a Communication Certification.

Alicia is a mother of 3 children; Ariana 28, Marshall 20 and Ava 8. She is also the grandmother of 2 year old Aiden.

Alicia began her journey with school districts as a way to stay in communication and informed of new changes and improvements in the special education department. Alicia continues to dedicate her efforts to bring more services and education to parents and families of children with special needs. Alicia’s philosophy in life is relationship, compassion and humility.